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What to do in Naples when you have just 48 hours

Naples in just 48 hours

why not 72?

Are you in Naples for 48H and would you like to vist the city of the sun? This is a short top list about what to do in Naples in two days.

Spaccanapoli1. Naples Historic Center

Take a walk into the ancient greek-riman polis, among art shops, pizzerias and street art pieces. An unique place in the whole world, where you will taste the real soul of the city of Naples.

capodanno a napoli2. THE BEST SEASIDE OF ITALY.

The gulf of Naples with the Vesuvio is the postcard of the city. Here you could visit the Castel Dell’Ovo one of the castle of Naples important symbol of the city. Along the seaside durign the sundays you will admire the three islands of the Gulf of Naples: Ischia, Procida and Capri.

Piazza Plebiscito  3. Piazza del Plebiscito.

Here there are the Royal palace of Naples and the Basilica of San Francesco e Paola.

Pizza Napoli4. TASTE A TRUE PIZZA.

Margherita can be considered the best pizza in the whole World: #1!


One of the hill of Naples: from this amazing place you will have the chance to see a gorgeous view of Naples.

zuppa di cozze6. EAT A MUSSEL SOUP.

A typically Neapolitan Food,  if you like the shellfish we suggest you tu taste the complete soup. Be careful to the chilly!



San Gregorio Armeno8. San Gregorio Armeno, STREET WHERE THE PRESEPIAL ART IS BORN

Here there are a lot of kind of nativity cribs and the little statues which represent VIP people from Naples, Italy and from all over the places!

duomo di napoli9. Il Duomo di Napoli e la cappella del tesoro di San Gennaro.

Every 19th of march there is the trial of the Saint’s blood: if Saint Gennaro will be benevolent, the miracle will repeat once again and the blood in the vial will be liquified. Otherwise, if the blood remains stuck in the vial, something bad is on the way!

Itinerari Napoli - Napoli Esoterica10. Il cimitero delle fontanelle.

Naples is considered a magic city, black and white magic as well. Here there is a strong cult of Death and the adoration of the ” capuzzelle”: little skulls that are held in various places of Naples, one of this is the Cimitero delle Fontanelle. Loads of skulls are in this big cave in the city of Naples. A suggestive place rich of mistery and history.



Food on the spot: “Peperoni and not pepperoni!” pizza in Naples

peperoni pizza A peperoni pizza in Naples? Oh, yes!

Food on the spot, for the weekly appointment with the good things to eat in the street in Naples, takes you in a deeply vibrant and trafficked part of Naples, Corso Umberto, and more precisely Piazza Bovio. This choice could seem a little out of the blue considering the usual Food on the Spot locations in which you can truly relax far from caos and cars, but you just need to know that there are some little lovely gardens where you can sit and eat something together with other office workers that choice this place as their spot for eating.

We are talking about the pulsing heart of Naples, and I’m not talking about the historic center, but  a part of the city even more chaotic for its many offices and shops. From this point, also called Piazza Borsa by many Neapolitans for the presence of the old stocking market building, you can easily get to the sea and the molo beverello from where you can get to the isle of Naples by boat. You can also get to Piazza Municipio or Via Toledo, as well as the extraordinary Piazza Garibaldi.

peperoni pizza


Peperoni (pepper) pizza, without any doubt, can be considered one of the best quality food in Naples, in my humble opinion. and how you can find it at “Nana” in Naples, is certainly special. Nana is a very cool store where you can buy a lot of things from the farmers around Naples, like wine, beer, pasta, marmalades, and also vegetables. A very excellence store of Campania. I believe that Nana is a very outstanding example of good enterpreunership in Naples. I chose an artisanal beer (in italian: birra artigianale), that was very refreshing and a perfect company for the pepper pizza. Pay attention! pepperoni is peppers, the big ones you can find red or yellow, and not the “pepperoni”, the sausage!


Piazza Bovio hosts the Camera di Commercio di Napoli, often place for big events and exhibitions. In the center of the city there is a horse statue of Vittorio Emanuele, King of Italy. Many Neapolitans prefer Borbone to Savoia (two reigning dinasties of the past), this lead in recent times to the development of a truly Borbonic movement, an expression of the will to bring Naples to the ancient times, when it was a very powerful city in the Reign of the Two Sicilies.


Events in Naples 18 to 24 of april

All of the events in Naples from 18 to 24 april.
The spring in Naples can be considered one of the magic moments to visit the place: fresh but not cold weather, the sun, a lot of life and naturally a lot of events! Take the first sunglasses you find and come with us, we’ll take you to the coolest events of Naples!

Let’s start with trekking. They’re exhausting but also satysfing! LiberEtà, non profit association specialized in formation, is organizing trekking tours with the title “Napoli Obliqua”. The excursions, which will be organized by a pro trekker guide, will take you to the most characteristic parts of the city of the Vesuvius, are set in these dates:

sunday 17 april 2016 – BLU WINDOWS “primavera, orizzonti, vulcani e giardini” – 7,6 km in the Mergellina zone, near the sea
sunday 1 may 2016 – VICOLI IN OMBRA, VICOLI CIECHI… “per spagnoli e miracoli” – 8 km in the Cavour square part
Prices are starting from 13€ and also different choices of more excursions can be bought. – for more informations please visit the official site of LiberEtà

For all the nerds who love comics, mangas, illustrations and visual arts, there is Comicon in Naples! It’s a yearly event, which will host many editors from all Italy for the occasion. There will be many cosplays, a lot of good deals for comica, and many VIP comic guests. This year also the cast from “The Walking Dead” is appearing!
Events in Naples

For more informations, check the official site of the Comicon Be sure to book your ticket fast because they will finish soon.

Por vos otros espanoles en la ciudad de Napoles en april, or for those of you who loves spanishg, but also for who is simply curious about it, at the Cervantes Institute in Naples (Via Nazario Sauro) there are free projections of movies in spanish! Here is the dates:

Monday 11 april at 17 “Loreak” of José Mari Goenagae Jon Garaño, Monday 18 april at 17, “Las ovejas no pierden el tren” of Álvaro Fernández-Armero Monday, 2 may at 17 “La isla mínima” of Alberto Rodríguez Monday 9 may at 17 “Doñana cuatro estaciones” of Javier Molina Lamothe

Buena vision y Buena Napoles!!

What to do for Easter Festivities in Naples

Easter in Naples: Our events selection

The Easter is near, discover what Naples has to offer.

From the 18th of March to 2ND of April, the city offers many activities and events. During the Easter week , the Department of Culture and Turism of the Naples district promotes many initiatives.

Arte in Movimento

For the theater, music and neapolitan cultural traditions passionates, we suggest you the “Arte in movimento” show (art in motion), which takes place different musical and theatrical appointments from 18th to 29th of March in famous places of the city of Naples.
In particular, on Saturday 19th of March, at the Real Papal Basilic of San Francesco di Paola (Plebiscito Square), the concert IL GIARDINO SPIRITUALE (the spiritual garden) of the ENSEMBLE FLORILEGIUM VOCIS will take place. A concert dedicated to the holy music of Michelangelo Grancini, directed by Sabino Manzo and the event is free entry as well. For more info about the complete program click here.

Pasqua a Napoli

Stabat Mater al Rione Terra di Pozzuoli

If you want enjoy an unusual and original Good Friday, on the 25th of March at the 20.00 pm to the Cathedral of Pozzuoli at the Rione Terra, the Orchestra of San Carlo Theather show will be on with the STABAT MATER of Giovan Battista Pergolesi. The “Stabat Mater” is one of the most important medieval prayers and the event will have the soprano Maria Grazia Schiavo, the mezzosoprano Eufemia Tufano, the tenor Francesco Marsiglia and Antonio di Matteo on bass as musicians.

Campana Sonus

An another show, particularly original, is organized by Percussioni Ketoniche whit the Marinelli papal foundry of Agnone, which is called Bell and Sonus, where protagonist will be the interaction of metals, percussions, images, colors and 25 bronze bells played with several hammers, creating a charming and fascinating musical sound. So save the date: Holy Sunday at 20.00 in Piazza del Gesù.

Brunch alle Terme di Agnano

Definitely different is what the city offers on Easter Monday. If you wish a funny and carefree day there is the Cafè Termal with its unforgettable Brunch in the evocative Terme di Agnano. A day of music, with the partecipation of guests such as Tommaso Primo, Tarall & Wine, Sthephane Pompougnac and Lunare Project. Available also a food and picnic area, kids area and solarium. Start from 9.00 am. Free entry until 12.00 am, after noon admission of 10 euro.

Pasqua a Napoli

Food in Naples: Focaccia in Largo Berlinguer

Weekly randez-vous with the tasty “Food on the spot” this week takes you on an another culinary journey.

Largo Berlinguer, Napoli

Why this food writing experiment? Well that’s simple, who said that slow food must be tasted at a restaurant table? There are some lunch pauses that sometimes give you a lot more peace and taste, and without spending too much money. So, adopt our motto: “Slow food on the road”!

In this springly period, it could be very pleasant to eat in the street. And why not enjoy a good walk in Via Toledo (that Neapolitans call Via Roma) to finish in greatness with a tasty focaccia in Largo Berlinguer? Eating in the street for lunch can be a nice way to enjoy your food in Naples.


La focacceria a salita ponte di tappia, napoliIn Salita Ponte di Tappia, a street near via Rom…ops! Via Toledo, you can find a little shop, called “La focacceria”, where it’s possible to enjoy focaccia and saltimbocca at honest prices. In addition to the classic Margherita, there are focaccia with many veggies and sauces, but my choice was a Neapolitan classic: the Pizza di Scarole (Scarole is a vegetable with a strong but fresh flavour, something like the endive). Usually with olives, capers and sometimes sardines in addition to the tasty scarola, it can be defined as a “flavour explosion”. It can be found in many Naples pizzerias. Near the focacceria, there is a book shop, Feltrinelli, but c’mon, if you need a touristic itinerary to visit Naples, take ours! They’re written by Neapolitans, and free of charge!

I’ll just put a button here, it looks better when it’s been pressed!

Itinerari Napoli Travel Naples


A wide open space, facing on one side on Via Toledo, and on the other on a big square. People running because Focaccia a Largo Berlinguer. Napoliperhaps they’re late, under an early afternoon sun, a little jazz orchestra playing not too far away, kids watching in the metro station’s windows, street artists painting, and the Sant’ Elmo castle watching the scene from a far distance. Well it has been a real pleasure to write the Food on the Spot article of this week for you, largo Berlinguer is a nice choice for a lunch.

We would like to remind you that the name “Berlinguer” has been given to this place in a tribute for a famous Italian politic who changed radically history of the country. You will find seats on some stone installations, very close on the road. On the left there are some little markets where you could find some good deals. Not too distant from here there are accesses to the truly famous Station of the metro 1: Via Toledo. Naturally we suggest you to roam around, but if you need fast directions, refer to our transports informations!

Itinerari Napoli Travel Naples

Well that’s all, and remember: a scarola pizza is for ever! (or two minutes, it depends on the speed at you are eating!)

Visit Naples : The Alleys of City

Visit Naples: The Alleys of City symbol of Naples

visitare napoli: i vicoli
Quartieri Spagnoli

Naples is the known for its alleys, that together form a big labyrinth expanding in the whole city. They are famous for the presence of important points of interest, as the craft shops, and because they have been the location for a lot of movie sets as well as inspiration many poets, singers, playwrights and writers.
Alleys are a typical symbol of Naples, little shortcuts which link some districts of Naples to the main roads of the city. This urban shape is peculiar of all Neapolitan areas as well as every zone of Campania.

One of the strong feelings someone can get when entering Naples narrow streets is the sensation that between the houses facing the road and the road itself there is almost no difference, like them being one unique thing.
Around the alleys of city, there are the “Bassi”, little houses called in Neapolitan “Vasci” that are at the level of the streets. There are often some old ladies who sit near theirs houses “Vasci” and do knitting works , friendly speak with other people or put the clothes under the hot sun for getting them dried.

Vicoli di Napoli
Vicoli di Napoli

Another impressive element you could find roaming around Naples tiny streets is the one about the “edicole evotive” called commonly “altarini”. Why has been given them this name Because they are similar to altars but they are smaller than those ones and they are around the streets.
They are dedicated to the vergin Mary or Saints. You could find near them some flower or little presents that people give like gift to the statue.
Most evocative alleys in Naples are in the old town and in the Quartieri Spagnoli, where you have the chance to immerge in the Neapolitan Culture, admire street art and discover little restaurants where you could taste Neapolitan food you will never forget.

Vicoli di Napoli
Vicoli di Napoli

Events in Naples from March 14 to 20

What to do in Naples

Culture and Spring Days of Fai

Events in Naples: What to do from March 14 to 21

All of events in the week from March 14 to 21


The spring is coming in Naples, and it’s full of events! Thanks to the initiative Settegiornisusette, from 1 March 2016 and for every Tuesday, you will have the opportunity to walk in Castel Sant’ Elmo in a new way, visiting the Piazza d’ Armi, the Bleachers and the walkways of the building; the ramparts, however,will be open seven days a week and will be the stage of many many events organized during the weekend. The first will be with Fernanda Capobianco, that will guide you on a walk on the ramparts of Sant’Elmo, (“Castel Sant’ Elmo says the city”) ; the second one, will be held by the artist Valerio Rocco Orlando, which will ask participants questions and their answer will be the main theme of his artwork.

With the spring arrive (finally!), many initiatives are here. On 19 and 20 March there is the return of Giornate di Primavera of FAI, event based on opening ‘900 extraordinary places, throughout Italy.

Numerous events will be organized in 380 Italian cities, and of course many visits will be organized and enriched by events in Naples and Campania. Places will be churches, castles, archives, historic buildings, beautiful natural lands and areas of archaeological sites, many of these cannot be visited during the year.

Beyond the spring, March this year is also the month of Easter holidays, particularly felt and celebrated in Naples. In fact from March 5 to April 3, the historic center of the city (and especially the Decumani), will host the Fiera di Pasqua 2016, a way to feel tradition and faith, rediscovering values to be remembered in our days. The message of this series of events in Naples is also for the people with disabilities, with the help of institutions and Municipality to find and eliminate architectural barriers. In a Fair featuring guided tours and demonstrations on how to make handcraft works, among the streets of San Gregorio Armeno, there is obviously, a tribute to the typical Neapolitan cuisine: a tour that will take you among little restaurants, pizzerias and traditional pastry shops present in the area.

If you want read the italian version, click here.


Food in Naples: potato omelette

Food in Naples: Frittata di patate

Near the molo Beverello, where it’s possible to take the ferry to the islands of the Naples Gulf (Capri, Ischia and Procida in this order from left to right looking at the sea from the Naples port), you can find the beautiful Piazza Municipio. This square, that for many years citizens couldn’t see due to renewing works, is finally back.

the Food Choice

Potato salt cake in Naples
Potato salt cake in Naples

For this Food on the Spot session, I chose a fresh potato omelette in the great Piazza Municipio. If together with a good beer, I assure you it would be a thing that you would like to repeat in the future, trust me. The potato omelette can be found at Grangusto, restaurant, bar and supermarket on

Beer in Naples
Beer in Naples

Via Marina. Don’t be sad looking at the map, it takes just 10 minutes to get to the square, and the route is very pleasant. the very strong point in choosing Grangusto is the great selection of a higher level above the others regarding drinks like wine, beer, but also gourmet food and a nice selection of food in general. Personally I chose a saison beer, the Giulio Agricola, from Lazio. As said before, it’s possible to find a vast selection of beers and italian wines at Grangusto.

For those who’d like to try something more traditional, and I mean something more suitable for Naples kitchen recipes, I suggest you a maccheroni omelette. In fact the “frittata di maccheroni” can be considered a real neapolitan trademark, a partenopean copyright, an evergreen… let’s say a classic.

The spot

This time any word would be useless. Really.

You just need to get to the square to understand what I’m talking about.

If you’d like to have a clue instead, you could check our itinerary
itinerario Napoli Centro
Napoli Centro


The Neptune fountain

Municipio square has in the middle the Neptune fountain, which, built in the VIth century as wish of Enrique de Guzman, Olivares Count, Vicerè di Napoli, was moved multiple times during last years in Naples. In fact, until few years ago, during renewing of the square, it was positioned in Via Medina.

It was then moved during 2015, when the Metro 1 station in Piazza Municipio was opened.

This very big station, keeps a lot of historical and archelogical rests of great value and importance.

Palazzo San Giacomo

Just behind the statue, having the sea on the back, you can admire Palazzo San Giacomo, that it’s where the City Council is hosted, as well as the Naples Major. So don’t you worry about the many policemen around the square, and enjoy your potato omelette!

How to get to Piazza Municipio from Piazza Garibaldi (Central Station)

Indicazioni stradali Piazza Municipio

If you want read the italian version, click here.



Street Art in Naples second step: the Decumani

Second step

with ZIlda, Banksy and Alice Pasquini

Street art in Naples : the Decumani

The second step of our walking tour about street art of the old town of Naples starts from the Line 2  station of the underground of Cavour Square: from here we will ltrace down grafitti and urban art pieces through from most famous works but without avoiding the minor ones of the alleys.

From Cavour Square our walking tour cannot start without a nice breakfast with croissant and coffee in the  “Rescigno” patisserie and bakery, Via Foria.

After you got some energy, we can start passing through San Gennaro’s  Door, one of the most ancient doors of the city of Naples. Near the “decumano” (ancient street of greek origin) of San Giovanni in Porta street on the left we can see the masterpiece of the french genius Zilda “The Angel”, adapted from a picture of Abbott Handerson Thayer. In this step we will often find his his handpainted posters.

street art napoli
The Angel of ZIlda in Naples

Along Dell’Anticaglia street then we get to Via dei Tribunali where urban art reigns supreme with graffiti, posters and stencils: Diego Miedo, Arp, Cyop & Kaf and many others. At the end of this street, in the amazing Gerolomini Square there is the famous italian work of the British street artist Banksy, this is the “Madonna con la pistola” (Mother Mary with the gun) made with the famous technique of the stencil. Banksy made not just one piece in his visit to Naples, there was another one situated near the Complex of Santa Chiara, but sadly it has been removed.

street art napoli
Mother Mery with the gun of Banksy in Naples

From Bellini Square we can reach out very fast Benedetto Croce street, passing to San Sebastiano Street, one of the most charming streets of the city: this is the musicians street with music and vintage clothes shops. Here we can see many pieces of the Firenze artist Exit Enter with his stick figures and red hearts that are scattered throughout the city.

street art napoli
Exit Enter in Naples

Going down to Largo Maggiore Pignatelli we can find small traces of Alice Pasquini in Via Santa Chiara and C215 near Largo Banchi Nuovi. Driving along this very road we arrive in Via Santa Maria Aid where there is the Guardian Angel of Zilda.

street art napoli
Alice Pasquini in Naples

Our walking tour ends near the San Giovanni Maggiore Church, where we can refresh ourselves with a nice drink at the bar Kestè  a famous place for the Neapolitan youngies to meet, in the evening as well as during the day and very often they organize concerts, live events , temporary exhibitions and performances by many artists.
Are you ready for a day around the urban art? The open-air museum of Naples is waiting for you!

Read the first step of Street Art in Naples!

If you want read the italian version, click here.

What to do in Naples events in the city

What to do in Naples:exhibitions, events, itineraries

“Attention, Attention”!
Backpacks on shoulders, dear wandering tourists always searching for interesting and fun activities, because until March the 31 it’s possible to breathe the air of Mexico, enjoying the splendid exhibition by the name of “Cuore lontano, cuore messicano. Sei artisti messicani in Italia” , which will be on at the Institute Cervantes of Naples. Organized by the Mexican Embassy, the exhibition will show works of 39 Mexican artists, now operating in the Italian peninsula, but who never lost the swing and the style of their country of origin, as pictured in their works of contemporary art (which range from photography, painting and ceramics).

An alternative tour that we wish to tell you is scheduled for Tuesday, February 23th at 4:15 pm:“Palazzo San Giacomo: tra storia e attualità” . Visiting the building you will be able to discover its rich history of curiosities, and then continue the tour with various simulations of what does happen inside the palace every day, ending with a meeting with the Mayor of the city, Luigi De Magistris.

Now time to check the clock: you are granted at least one hour to enjoy the unspeakable views of the Naples seafront … well, you can’t simply stay here in the city and avoit to breathe sea air. Also because the next event is right there and you do not have to move a lot. Inside the Villa Comunale, at the Anton Dohrn Zoological Station in Naples, from February 11 until March 31, there is the exhibition “La magia e la memoria dell’immagine”.
Journey begins with the representation of a visible reality, which focuses on the perceived images, not only through our senses, and then continues with the show of instruments (microscopes, enlargers, projectors) humans used to learn and also capture images of what is invisible to the naked eye; admire the photographic equipment … used in the length of many years and discoveries to capture immaterial sensations in material memories, like the one you’ll use to capture every corner of the city, and enjoy every moment, even from far, beautiful in all its glory .