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Events in Naples 18 to 24 of april

All of the events in Naples from 18 to 24 april.
The spring in Naples can be considered one of the magic moments to visit the place: fresh but not cold weather, the sun, a lot of life and naturally a lot of events! Take the first sunglasses you find and come with us, we’ll take you to the coolest events of Naples!

Let’s start with trekking. They’re exhausting but also satysfing! LiberEtà, non profit association specialized in formation, is organizing trekking tours with the title “Napoli Obliqua”. The excursions, which will be organized by a pro trekker guide, will take you to the most characteristic parts of the city of the Vesuvius, are set in these dates:

sunday 17 april 2016 – BLU WINDOWS “primavera, orizzonti, vulcani e giardini” – 7,6 km in the Mergellina zone, near the sea
sunday 1 may 2016 – VICOLI IN OMBRA, VICOLI CIECHI… “per spagnoli e miracoli” – 8 km in the Cavour square part
Prices are starting from 13€ and also different choices of more excursions can be bought. – for more informations please visit the official site of LiberEtà

For all the nerds who love comics, mangas, illustrations and visual arts, there is Comicon in Naples! It’s a yearly event, which will host many editors from all Italy for the occasion. There will be many cosplays, a lot of good deals for comica, and many VIP comic guests. This year also the cast from “The Walking Dead” is appearing!
Events in Naples

For more informations, check the official site of the Comicon Be sure to book your ticket fast because they will finish soon.

Por vos otros espanoles en la ciudad de Napoles en april, or for those of you who loves spanishg, but also for who is simply curious about it, at the Cervantes Institute in Naples (Via Nazario Sauro) there are free projections of movies in spanish! Here is the dates:

Monday 11 april at 17 “Loreak” of José Mari Goenagae Jon Garaño, Monday 18 april at 17, “Las ovejas no pierden el tren” of Álvaro Fernández-Armero Monday, 2 may at 17 “La isla mínima” of Alberto Rodríguez Monday 9 may at 17 “Doñana cuatro estaciones” of Javier Molina Lamothe

Buena vision y Buena Napoles!!