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Street art tour: new step with Alice Pasquini

Fourth step of our Napoli street art tour: today we’ll take you on the footsteps of the world famous italian artist that left many works here, we are talking about Alice Pasquini. This time our itinerary will start from the underground station Line 1 of Toledo, considered one of the most beautiful underground station of Europe with the tiled roof. From the underground exit, we depart in the direction of Via Toledo finally getting in Piazza Carità, where we will find the face of a child imprited on a payphone cabin. Alice usually adoperates stencils, spray cans and brushes, and often portraying female faces on small areas or also on large facades.

street art tour

After the first work in Piazza Carità, we keep on going with our tour towards the historical centre, passing by the Santa Chiara monastery, where in Via Santa Chiara Alice Pasquini left one of the most significant works: painted on a tile located at the corner among the street and a little alley, there is a face of a woman with a child. 

street art tourOther female characters we’ll find are located in Via San Giovanni Pignatelli, a street full of street art pieces with Diego Miedo and many others, here on the side of a cabin a face of a desperate woman, painted in cool tones of green and blue,  is imprinted.

street art tour

Going down this road we will get to Largo San Giovanni Maggiore, where a small door on the left is another frame for a charming work of Alice, a woman in the act of holding a parrot.

street art tour


Leaving the square we find ourselves in Via Mezzocannone, one of the busiest streets of the city, given the numerous universities here: two doors of the University Federico II Alice gives us two works portraing little boys running and a woman.

street art tour

Before ending our street art tour we can do a little food and wine stop at Tandem, a restaurant where we can taste a delicious neapolitan ragù. After also enjoying a ragùe we head to Piazza del Gesù, and in particular, our attention will be in the direction of the Ska, an occupied laboratory by the city’s students, which facade was embellished with works by numerous street artists.

street art tour

Alice also left his signature in this place, with the face of a girl with glasses and her finger over his mouth as sign of silence.
See you for the next espisode of Naples Street Art Tour!

Street Art in Naples second step: the Decumani

Second step

with ZIlda, Banksy and Alice Pasquini

Street art in Naples : the Decumani

The second step of our walking tour about street art of the old town of Naples starts from the Line 2  station of the underground of Cavour Square: from here we will ltrace down grafitti and urban art pieces through from most famous works but without avoiding the minor ones of the alleys.

From Cavour Square our walking tour cannot start without a nice breakfast with croissant and coffee in the  “Rescigno” patisserie and bakery, Via Foria.

After you got some energy, we can start passing through San Gennaro’s  Door, one of the most ancient doors of the city of Naples. Near the “decumano” (ancient street of greek origin) of San Giovanni in Porta street on the left we can see the masterpiece of the french genius Zilda “The Angel”, adapted from a picture of Abbott Handerson Thayer. In this step we will often find his his handpainted posters.

street art napoli
The Angel of ZIlda in Naples

Along Dell’Anticaglia street then we get to Via dei Tribunali where urban art reigns supreme with graffiti, posters and stencils: Diego Miedo, Arp, Cyop & Kaf and many others. At the end of this street, in the amazing Gerolomini Square there is the famous italian work of the British street artist Banksy, this is the “Madonna con la pistola” (Mother Mary with the gun) made with the famous technique of the stencil. Banksy made not just one piece in his visit to Naples, there was another one situated near the Complex of Santa Chiara, but sadly it has been removed.

street art napoli
Mother Mery with the gun of Banksy in Naples

From Bellini Square we can reach out very fast Benedetto Croce street, passing to San Sebastiano Street, one of the most charming streets of the city: this is the musicians street with music and vintage clothes shops. Here we can see many pieces of the Firenze artist Exit Enter with his stick figures and red hearts that are scattered throughout the city.

street art napoli
Exit Enter in Naples

Going down to Largo Maggiore Pignatelli we can find small traces of Alice Pasquini in Via Santa Chiara and C215 near Largo Banchi Nuovi. Driving along this very road we arrive in Via Santa Maria Aid where there is the Guardian Angel of Zilda.

street art napoli
Alice Pasquini in Naples

Our walking tour ends near the San Giovanni Maggiore Church, where we can refresh ourselves with a nice drink at the bar Kestè  a famous place for the Neapolitan youngies to meet, in the evening as well as during the day and very often they organize concerts, live events , temporary exhibitions and performances by many artists.
Are you ready for a day around the urban art? The open-air museum of Naples is waiting for you!

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Street art in Naples

First step

with Cyop e Kaf, Diego Miedo and Roxy in the Box

Street art in Naples : i quartieri Spagnoli

The first step of our walk around the neapolitan street art tour starts from exiting the underground of Dante Square. From Garibaldi Square, central station of Naples, it is possible take the Line number 1 of the underground, heading to Piscinola and getting off at the Dante stop. From here, our walking tour will take you to a discover of the popular heart of the city and the heart of the street art Made in Naples: we’re talking about the Spanish District (quarters) and the famous murales of the “Quore Spinato” (Spiked Heart) , a project by the neapolitan duo Cyop & Kaf.

street art
Cyop & KAf in Naples

The Montecalvario area, which is often mentioned as Quartieri Spagnoli is an intricated labyrinth made of dense buildings, small shops and “bassi” (the famous houses in Naples that are on the ground flor facing the street) and it is a few meters walk from the elegant shopping street of Via Toledo, and it is exactly here that from 2009 artists placed more than 200 works with futuristic figures on small shops, gates, garage and buildings that became the colored backgrounds of every corner of the neighborhood. And so in a very short time a popular neighborhood became an open-air museum, where every corner and every main door has a story to tell. The majority of the paintings, geometrical painted on doors of the buildings, are in blue or red, that’s because these are the colors representing the Spanish Quarters. Along these streets you can bump into people that decided to put their garage or door at the service of the artists, and they will gladly explain how after have seen the works by the writers in the quarter, couldn’t avoid asking to paint their door or shop as well.

street art napoli
Cyop & Kaf

And this is the real power of urban art: because with a little bit of fantasy it can be understood by everybody without having to learn the hard world of contemporary art. The Spanish Quarters street art is not only the worls by Cyop and Kaf but there are also many works of other artists such as Diego Miedo and Roxy in the Box with his Vascio Art. In 2015, the quarter was again chosen as the perfect location for the installation of dozens of works by Rosaria Bosso, called Roxy in the Box, with colorful posters of famous figures such as Frida Kahlo, Rita Levi Montalcini, Amy Winehouse, Artemide, Anna Magnani and many others. Our tour can only end in one of the most famous inns in the area: the “trattoria da Nennella”, where you can enjoy a delicious pasta with potatoes in a cheerful and absolutely folkloristic location.

street art Napoli
Roxy in The Box
street art napoli
Roxy in the Box

Backpack and camera in hand, the neapolitan street art is waiting to be immortalized!

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