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Visit Naples : The Alleys of City

Visit Naples: The Alleys of City symbol of Naples

visitare napoli: i vicoli
Quartieri Spagnoli

Naples is the known for its alleys, that together form a big labyrinth expanding in the whole city. They are famous for the presence of important points of interest, as the craft shops, and because they have been the location for a lot of movie sets as well as inspiration many poets, singers, playwrights and writers.
Alleys are a typical symbol of Naples, little shortcuts which link some districts of Naples to the main roads of the city. This urban shape is peculiar of all Neapolitan areas as well as every zone of Campania.

One of the strong feelings someone can get when entering Naples narrow streets is the sensation that between the houses facing the road and the road itself there is almost no difference, like them being one unique thing.
Around the alleys of city, there are the “Bassi”, little houses called in Neapolitan “Vasci” that are at the level of the streets. There are often some old ladies who sit near theirs houses “Vasci” and do knitting works , friendly speak with other people or put the clothes under the hot sun for getting them dried.

Vicoli di Napoli
Vicoli di Napoli

Another impressive element you could find roaming around Naples tiny streets is the one about the “edicole evotive” called commonly “altarini”. Why has been given them this name Because they are similar to altars but they are smaller than those ones and they are around the streets.
They are dedicated to the vergin Mary or Saints. You could find near them some flower or little presents that people give like gift to the statue.
Most evocative alleys in Naples are in the old town and in the Quartieri Spagnoli, where you have the chance to immerge in the Neapolitan Culture, admire street art and discover little restaurants where you could taste Neapolitan food you will never forget.

Vicoli di Napoli
Vicoli di Napoli

Station of Arts Naples

Meetings of 23 and 30 December, ideated for a great number of tourists will be about a visit to Naples, where they will see the award-winning Toledo Metro Station, oftern mentioned in the international press, as well as the winner of the ITA (International Tunnelling Awards 2015) – Oscar Great Public Works underground. Wednesday, On december 23, from Toledo to Montecalvario, the event will focus on the historical background of the city of Partenope, so about its history and its many conflicting aspects, everything told through the works of internationally renowned artists.
The proposed route for Wednesday, December 30, however, with the train to Toledo to the Town Hall, offers an opportunity to focus on urban archeology discoveries related to the recent excavations for the subway.
METROART TOUR will be an opportunity to discover contemporary art in an innovative way, throughout the narration of works of the artists around the city. The recent success during the visits organized in October, confirmed the quality of culture and the appreciation for the initiatives signed ANM.

Reservation required: on, can be performed by 5.00 pm of the previous Monday, subject to availability. Email confirmation required.
Free participation; only ticket is required. Starting point is at the lobby of the station. Duration of each visit is about 90 minutes.

Stazioni dell'arte[:]

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