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pepperoni pizza in naples

Food on the spot: “Peperoni and not pepperoni!” pizza in Naples

A peperoni pizza in Naples? Oh, yes! Food on the spot, for the weekly appointment with the good things to ...
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Food in Naples: Focaccia in Largo Berlinguer

Weekly randez-vous with the tasty "Food on the spot" this week takes you on an another culinary journey. Why this ...
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Food in Naples: potato omelette

Food in Naples: Frittata di patate Near the molo Beverello, where it's possible to take the ferry to the islands ...
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Napoli food: Fried Pizza in Piazza Plebiscito

FRIED PIZZA IS THE ANSWER In the Trieste e Trento square, you could find a little shop with the sign ...
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Traditional Naples dishes

something special!

neapolitan ragù

The Neapolitan Ragù

The neapolitan Ragù (proun. Ragoo) is certainly one of the fundamental dishes from Napoli's cooking tradition.It is the typical dish ...
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Il Babà

Even if the "babà" has a polish origin, in the 19° century it took a central position in the traditional ...
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