Food in Naples: potato omelette

Food in Naples: potato omelette

Food in Naples: Frittata di patate

Near the molo Beverello, where it’s possible to take the ferry to the islands of the Naples Gulf (Capri, Ischia and Procida in this order from left to right looking at the sea from the Naples port), you can find the beautiful Piazza Municipio. This square, that for many years citizens couldn’t see due to renewing works, is finally back.

the Food Choice

Potato salt cake in Naples
Potato salt cake in Naples

For this Food on the Spot session, I chose a fresh potato omelette in the great Piazza Municipio. If together with a good beer, I assure you it would be a thing that you would like to repeat in the future, trust me. The potato omelette can be found at Grangusto, restaurant, bar and supermarket on

Beer in Naples
Beer in Naples

Via Marina. Don’t be sad looking at the map, it takes just 10 minutes to get to the square, and the route is very pleasant. the very strong point in choosing Grangusto is the great selection of a higher level above the others regarding drinks like wine, beer, but also gourmet food and a nice selection of food in general. Personally I chose a saison beer, the Giulio Agricola, from Lazio. As said before, it’s possible to find a vast selection of beers and italian wines at Grangusto.

For those who’d like to try something more traditional, and I mean something more suitable for Naples kitchen recipes, I suggest you a maccheroni omelette. In fact the “frittata di maccheroni” can be considered a real neapolitan trademark, a partenopean copyright, an evergreen… let’s say a classic.

The spot

This time any word would be useless. Really.

You just need to get to the square to understand what I’m talking about.

If you’d like to have a clue instead, you could check our itinerary
itinerario Napoli Centro
Napoli Centro


The Neptune fountain

Municipio square has in the middle the Neptune fountain, which, built in the VIth century as wish of Enrique de Guzman, Olivares Count, Vicerè di Napoli, was moved multiple times during last years in Naples. In fact, until few years ago, during renewing of the square, it was positioned in Via Medina.

It was then moved during 2015, when the Metro 1 station in Piazza Municipio was opened.

This very big station, keeps a lot of historical and archelogical rests of great value and importance.

Palazzo San Giacomo

Just behind the statue, having the sea on the back, you can admire Palazzo San Giacomo, that it’s where the City Council is hosted, as well as the Naples Major. So don’t you worry about the many policemen around the square, and enjoy your potato omelette!

How to get to Piazza Municipio from Piazza Garibaldi (Central Station)

Indicazioni stradali Piazza Municipio

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