Food in Naples: Focaccia in Largo Berlinguer

Food in Naples: Focaccia in Largo Berlinguer

Weekly randez-vous with the tasty “Food on the spot” this week takes you on an another culinary journey.

Largo Berlinguer, Napoli

Why this food writing experiment? Well that’s simple, who said that slow food must be tasted at a restaurant table? There are some lunch pauses that sometimes give you a lot more peace and taste, and without spending too much money. So, adopt our motto: “Slow food on the road”!

In this springly period, it could be very pleasant to eat in the street. And why not enjoy a good walk in Via Toledo (that Neapolitans call Via Roma) to finish in greatness with a tasty focaccia in Largo Berlinguer? Eating in the street for lunch can be a nice way to enjoy your food in Naples.


La focacceria a salita ponte di tappia, napoliIn Salita Ponte di Tappia, a street near via Rom…ops! Via Toledo, you can find a little shop, called “La focacceria”, where it’s possible to enjoy focaccia and saltimbocca at honest prices. In addition to the classic Margherita, there are focaccia with many veggies and sauces, but my choice was a Neapolitan classic: the Pizza di Scarole (Scarole is a vegetable with a strong but fresh flavour, something like the endive). Usually with olives, capers and sometimes sardines in addition to the tasty scarola, it can be defined as a “flavour explosion”. It can be found in many Naples pizzerias. Near the focacceria, there is a book shop, Feltrinelli, but c’mon, if you need a touristic itinerary to visit Naples, take ours! They’re written by Neapolitans, and free of charge!

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A wide open space, facing on one side on Via Toledo, and on the other on a big square. People running because Focaccia a Largo Berlinguer. Napoliperhaps they’re late, under an early afternoon sun, a little jazz orchestra playing not too far away, kids watching in the metro station’s windows, street artists painting, and the Sant’ Elmo castle watching the scene from a far distance. Well it has been a real pleasure to write the Food on the Spot article of this week for you, largo Berlinguer is a nice choice for a lunch.

We would like to remind you that the name “Berlinguer” has been given to this place in a tribute for a famous Italian politic who changed radically history of the country. You will find seats on some stone installations, very close on the road. On the left there are some little markets where you could find some good deals. Not too distant from here there are accesses to the truly famous Station of the metro 1: Via Toledo. Naturally we suggest you to roam around, but if you need fast directions, refer to our transports informations!

Itinerari Napoli Travel Naples

Well that’s all, and remember: a scarola pizza is for ever! (or two minutes, it depends on the speed at you are eating!)