Food on the spot: “Peperoni and not pepperoni!” pizza in Naples

Food on the spot: “Peperoni and not pepperoni!” pizza in Naples

peperoni pizza A peperoni pizza in Naples? Oh, yes!

Food on the spot, for the weekly appointment with the good things to eat in the street in Naples, takes you in a deeply vibrant and trafficked part of Naples, Corso Umberto, and more precisely Piazza Bovio. This choice could seem a little out of the blue considering the usual Food on the Spot locations in which you can truly relax far from caos and cars, but you just need to know that there are some little lovely gardens where you can sit and eat something together with other office workers that choice this place as their spot for eating.

We are talking about the pulsing heart of Naples, and I’m not talking about the historic center, but  a part of the city even more chaotic for its many offices and shops. From this point, also called Piazza Borsa by many Neapolitans for the presence of the old stocking market building, you can easily get to the sea and the molo beverello from where you can get to the isle of Naples by boat. You can also get to Piazza Municipio or Via Toledo, as well as the extraordinary Piazza Garibaldi.

peperoni pizza


Peperoni (pepper) pizza, without any doubt, can be considered one of the best quality food in Naples, in my humble opinion. and how you can find it at “Nana” in Naples, is certainly special. Nana is a very cool store where you can buy a lot of things from the farmers around Naples, like wine, beer, pasta, marmalades, and also vegetables. A very excellence store of Campania. I believe that Nana is a very outstanding example of good enterpreunership in Naples. I chose an artisanal beer (in italian: birra artigianale), that was very refreshing and a perfect company for the pepper pizza. Pay attention! pepperoni is peppers, the big ones you can find red or yellow, and not the “pepperoni”, the sausage!


Piazza Bovio hosts the Camera di Commercio di Napoli, often place for big events and exhibitions. In the center of the city there is a horse statue of Vittorio Emanuele, King of Italy. Many Neapolitans prefer Borbone to Savoia (two reigning dinasties of the past), this lead in recent times to the development of a truly Borbonic movement, an expression of the will to bring Naples to the ancient times, when it was a very powerful city in the Reign of the Two Sicilies.