Museo nazionale di Capodimonte - Catacombe di San Gennaro

Visit Naples: Capodimonte museum centre reach of history

Capodimonte is an area of the city of Naples, which is mainly known for the Reggia di Capodimonte, a majestic real residence built by will of Carlo di Borbone in 1734. The house is surrounded by more than 100 hectars of gardens, which make it one of the quietest places, where Neapolitan people on relax and where youngs people lie on the grass and have a
pic-nics. After some relax you really should visit the Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte, it is located inside the Reggia, it is the only museum of ancien art of the world where you can find also contemporany art, as well as works by Caravaggio, Tiziano and Masaccio.
Within the park there is also present the Istituto Professionale Industria e Artigianato per la Ceramica e la Porcellana, where different types of clay are used to produce particular porcelain king, whose white colours very esteemed and famous in the world.

Museo di Capodimonte
museo di Capodimonte

Near the park, ( exactly in the Via Capodimonte), you can visit the interesting Catacombe di San Gennaro. Dating back to the early Christian period and “scavato” dal tufo, the catacombs includes a real basilica, a very suggestive place, which is also enriched by the presence of the fresco which decorates the vault of the superior catacomb.

The last stop is the Astronomic Observatory. Bulit in 1812 by the Borbone family. It was divided into two sections: one oneside there is a museum of tools with on historical value and on the other side there is a solar physic and stellar research center, as well as the laboratory of applied technologies of the University of Naples Federico II.

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