Castel dell’Ovo - Villa Comunale - Villa Pignatelli


Visit Naples: the seaside, best promenade of Italy

The seaside of Naples with the Castel dell’Ovo and the Vesuvio is one of the most famous images of Naples.
The seaside, which is the most beautiful in Italy, where nature, history, art, gastronomy and entertainment make together a perfect union.
The Castel dell’ Ovo which is placed on the small island of Megaride is a frame to the splendid panorama. Under the fortified walls there is the small Borgo Marinari, due to the presence of fishermen in the past and which is today one of the most “In” district of Naples.
The area is completely pedestrian and it is rich in restaurants, bar, cafés, restaurants, pizzerias, ideal for a promenade or if you wish to cycle.

Lungo Mare Napoli
Lungo Mare Napoli

The scenic via Partenope and Via Caracciolo are along the Villa Comunale which has its entrance in the famous piazza Vittoria, the former Villa Reale is the one of the most important parks of the city. It was created at the end of the 1700 by Vanvitelli. Inside it is possible to visit one of the most ancient aquarium in Europe, the zoological station and then you can just relax under the ancient trees.

On the other side of the Villa there is the Riviera di Chiaia with its neoclassical Villa Pignatelli, which hosts the museum Principe Diego Aragona Pignatelli Cortes, the museum of Carrozze and its beautiful gardens.
The pedestrian area ends in Mergellina, a district full of chalets, pizzerias e restaurants, but if you are curious to observe the city from a different point of view, you should take the “batò musc”, a small ship which gives you the choice to see the Neapolitan coast from Nisida to Castel dell’Ovo and which is highly suggested during summer.

Villa Pignatelli
Villa Pignatelli

According to a leged, on the beach of Mergellina the waters trail a siren called Partenope, who has become the symbol of the city.
Nearby there are the Piazza Sannazzaro and the church of Piedigrotta, the places where one of the most oldest Neapolitan event takes place: “la festa di Piedigrotta”.

Via Santa Lucia
Via Santa Lucia
Point of interest


Means of transport)
  • metro 1, stop Toledo station
  • Tram 1 e 4 from via Marina stop Piazza Municipio
  • bus from via Marina 151 e 154