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Piazza Plebiscito - Palazzo Reale - Maschio Angioino - Teatro San Carlo

Visit Naples – City Center of Naples

Via Toledo
Via Toledo

The area between the seaside and the oldtown is considered the city center of Naples. From here you can visit some places and monuments of the city.
Starting from the Amedeo Square, which was the holiday are for the Neapolitan nobles, you will cross one of the richest and in areas of Naples, where you will enjoy the haute couture windows shops, the elegant buildings and the embassies of different states. When you get to the Trieste and Trento Square you can sip one of the best coffee in Naples, sitting under sun.

Piazza Plebiscito
Piazza Plebiscito

From this important crossroad you can visit: the Palazzo Reale with its majestic interiors, the San Carlo Theatre one of the most beautiful and important theatre in the world, the National Library in which the ancients Papyrus of Ercolano are hold, and the gigantic Plebiscito Square which is framed by the colonnade of the Basilica di San Francesco and Paola.

The street that connects the two greater cultural centers of the city is the Toledo street with its Quartieri Spagnoli ( Spanish districts) and the various shops. On this historical street there is the majestic entry of the Principe Umberto Gallery, which connects to another important place of the city: the Municipio Square. Here you can visit one of the Neapolitan castles: the Castel Nuovo also called Maschio Angioino, an ancient fortress of the city, which was build by will of the Angioini in 1279 and rebuilt under the Aragona dinasty in 1443. On the high side of the square there is Palazzo San Giacomo, where there are the offices of the Municipality of Naples, while in the Southern area there is one of the most important ports of the Mediterranean , where there are the enormous buildings of the Fascist period. From the part you can reach Ischia, Procida and Capri (the Neapolitan islands).

Maschio Agioino
Maschio Agioino

Near Piazza Municipio, there is the Medina Street, from here it is possible to reach Salita Monteoliveto, where you can visit two ancient churchies: Monteoliveto and Santa Maria la Nova. This latter is linked to the misterious figure of Dracula. At the Salita Monteoliveto there is the amazing fountain. From here you can get to the Gesù Square or come back to the upper side of the Toledo Street.



Means of transport)
  • Metro 1 stop Toledo Station
  • Metro 2 stop Piazza Amedeo station