Il ventre di Napoli

Porta Nolana - Chiesa del Carmine - Piazza Mercato - Borgo orefici

Visit Naples – Il ventre di Napoli discover the placeces of Neapolitan revolution

The Mercato district can be easily reached from the piazza Garibaldi station, passing through one of the most important door in Neaples, Porta Nolana, which is the entrance to the famous fish market that Neapoletans call “ncopp e’mur” (on the walls). It is always croweed, full of stands and food shops; it is ideal during Christmas Holidays, as when the fish shops are rich in decorations and charateristic food.

Chiesa del Carmine


Very close you may find piazza del Carmine, where you can see the Basilica della Madonna del Carmine, one of the most important place of worship of the city; in this place, every July 16th there is the fire of the bell tower by means of an optical illusion cause by numerous fireworks positioned on the bell tower. The fire turns off when the Madonna del Carmine arrives, and this give the start to one of the most traditional festivity which is loved by Neapolitan citizens.

From piazza del Carmine go to the very close Piazza Mercato which is famous because the place where the Neapoletan Revolution began, and also the place where the revolutionary Tommaso Aniello (best known as Masaniello) was decapitated; near in this square you can see the gorgeous Sant’Eligio Maggiore Church, or “church of the clock”, which was builts in the Angevin era and contains portrayes of famous artists like Francesco Solimena, Massimo Stanzione and Cornelio Smet; in the area of the feminine boarding school there is the “Madonna della Misericordia dalla faccia Tagliata”, which on the basis of an ancient legend, represents the Madonna having a gash from where flowing blood.

After 10 minutes walking from the Mercato Square, there is Borgo Orefici: the elevated number of shops that dealing with gold, silver and textiles, makes it one of the main areas where you can enjoy the most important jewellery made in Naples as it is the fulcrum of the Neapoletans goldsmith activitis.

Piazza Mercato

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Means of transport
  • Metro 1,2  metro stop Piazza Garibaldi
  • Tram 1,4 from via Marina bust stom Piazza del Carmine – Corso Garibaldi