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Cimitero delle Fontanelle - Cappella San severo- Catacombe di San Gaudioso- Santa Maria del Purgatorio ad Arco

Visit Naples – Napoli Esoterica discover the Dead worship

In Napoli there is the perfect coexistence between religion and superstition combined in a perfect union. The most best fitting itinerary to give a look at this traditions is visiting the famous Cimitero delle Fontanelle. It was called in this way because one time there were little fountainheads wich came down the nearby hill.
The cave of Cimitero delle Fontanelle hosts the victims remains who died during the Pest in 1656 and in 1836 during the pandemic Cholera in which 40.000 peaple died.

The cave became a big ossuary and one of the most significant place of worship, where citizens used to “adopt” a skull ( capuzzella). The “capuzzella” could be anonymous or abandoned, and people dedicated their devotion to it in exchange of a little “miracle”, more precisely a grace as a sign of gratitude.

Visit Naples - Napoli Esoterica
Cimitero delle fontanelle

Another truly important ipogeo where the bones of “Anime Pezzentelle” are kept is the Church of Santa Maria del Purgatorio ad Arco. Another necessary stop is at the Catacombe di san Gaudioso witch are placed under the church of Santa Maria della sanità, where there are some “ seditoi” that is to say a sort of bench where the bodies of dead people were left to dry later it became a common ossuary.

Purgatorio ad Arco
Purgatorio ad Arco

At the end of the itinerary you will visit the amazing Cappella di San Severo with the museum. It is located near Piazza San Domenico Maggiore . Inside the chapel there is the magnificent marble statue of the Cristo Velato made by Giuseppe Sanmartino. It reppresents Jesus dead and wrapper up in a trasparent shroud. The marmoreal drapery express as a very realistic artwork.

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