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Grotta di Seiano - Via Posillipo - Parco Virgiliano

discover how to Visit Naples – Posillipo hill

Naples itinerary – Posillipo hill
The city of Naples is rich of headlands and small hills from which you can enjoy breathtaking view. The most famous is the Posillipo Hill, one of the richest districts in Naples, along this panoramic street it is possible to see the bay of Naples, houses and ancients buildings all surrounded by green areas and the sea, as well all nobles residences. Some of the most important places are: Palazzo Donn’Anna, built in 1600 by will of Anna Carafa and Villa Rosebery, the Neapolitan residence of the President of the Italian Republic.

Posillipo hill
View from Archeological site of Gaiola

At the peak of Coroglio, there is the Parco Archeologico Pausilypon, an archeological site where it is possible to visit the ancients finds of Pubblio Vedio Pollione’s house, supporter of the Emperor Augusto. Nine hectars, the house center is the ex residential property and around there are differents monumental structures such as: the amphitheater, l’Odeion, the thermal bath and a small private port. It is a real archeological complex immersed in nature, built between the I century B.C. and the IV A.D. It is possible to enjoy a real beautiful view of Naples from the Parco Virgiliano, one of the largest city parks, which is located at the top of the hill, from here you can admire the bay of Naples any the nearby islands, Campi Flegrei and the small island of Nisida, from where you can have a breathtaking view that will leave you enchanted.

“ Pausilypon”
“ Pausilypon”

During summer in the park various events are organised where you can relax on the lawns and have a picnic or take a bike.
The park also hosts the ancient graves of Virgilio and Giacomo Leopardi. They have both loved Naples and they have been who have been particularly inspired by the city.

Nisida view
Nisida view
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Means of transport
  • Metro 2 stop Mergellina station and take a bus 140 in Piazza Sannazzaro