Napoli Sommersa

Napoli Sotterranea - Complesso di San Lorenzo - Tunnel Borbonico

Visit Naples – Submerged Naples discover the archeological site of underground

The theory about creation of the city of Naples is that the old Neapolis was created in the IV century thanks to Greek peaple in 326 b.C it was declared a Roman colony.
This are the two major and ancient dominations thanks to wich the city has its urban and architectural struccture nowaday.
The architectual structure of Napolis shows the traces of each domination of the city from its foundation up to now. As a mattar a fact, 50 meters underground there is another old city, wich can tell us about the history of this amazing city.
In Naples , It’s possible to find historical traces through many archeological underground sites.
There are the main underground sites in the city: Napoli Sotterranea with its entrance in via dei tribunali where you vill admire the ancient Roman aqueduct under the Basilica di San Lorenzo, whose entrance in Piazzatta San Gaetano there was the center of Polis. In this complex you will understand the stratification of the city from Greek to Rroman domninations.
Et the end there is an unusal site : The Tunnel Borbonico, it was escavate in the tuff ( a vulcanic yellow stone)Palazzo reale with Piazza Vittoria near the sea . Two are two entrance at the Tunnel Borbonico one from Via Morelli, the other near Piazza del Pebiscito.

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Means of transport
  • Metro linea 1 fermata Piazza Dante
  • Metro linea 2 fermata Piazza Cavour
  • Metro linea 1 fermata Via Toledo – Per il Tunnel Borbonico