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Porta Capuana - Chiesa di San Giovanni a Carbonara - Museo Madre - Orto Botanico - Famarmacia storica degli Incurabili

Visit Naples – unexpected Naples An unusual intinerary

Piazza Garibaldi is one of the largest and most important squares in the city. There, you may find the railway central station, from which it is possible to get to the main attractions in the city and in the province of Naples.
You will find yourself in one of the most multiethnic district of the city, where the Neapolitan culture is mixed with different multiethnic cultures animating this area.
When the statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi is behind you, you should explore the district.Immediately you will see the huge Porta Capuana , one of the city doors of Naples, it was built in 1484 and it was the central entrance to the city.

castel capuano
castel capuano

Nearby, at the end of Via dei Tribuali, you will see Castel Capuana, the second older castle in Naples. It was built during the Norman domination and now it hosts the Palazzo di Giustizia ( Courthouse).

Along Via San Giovanni a Carbonara there is the church of San Giovanni a Carbonara, which has a huge staircase and is an authentic masterpiece for the urban development of the Renaissance. With its light marbles, the complex of San Giovanni a Carbonara is one of the most suggestive churches of the city of Naples.
Naples is not only ancient art. Modern art is also very famouse. The “MADRE” museum is the greatest contemporary art center of the city, location of important exibhitions and cultural events dedicated to modern arts.

Chiesa di San Giovanni a Carbonara
Chiesa di San Giovanni a Carbonara
Chiesa di San Giovanni a Carbonara
Chiesa di San Giovanni a Carbonara

One of the greatest arterial road of the city is Via Foria, characterized by antique stores and typical Neapolitan trattorie (small resaurants) where you can eat the famous “mussel soup” ( zuppa di cozze). Along this street there is the “breathing point” of Naples: “the Orto Botanico” ( Botanical Gardens),which was created by will of Giuseppe Bonaparte at the beginning of 19th century, where there are 12 green hectare areas and 10 thousand vegetable species, for a total of around 25 thousand specimen.

When you get to Piazza Cavour, you should visit of the one of the most preciuos baroque-rococò Neapolitan treasures “The farmacia degli incurabili” (the pharmacy of Incurables), a unique exemplare which has not been changed since 1700 and which preserves the original pieces of that period.


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  • Metro 1,2 stop Piazza Garibaldi station

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