Villa Floridiana - Castel Sant'Elmo - Certosa di San Martino

Visit Naples – Vomero hill: An amazing view of Naples gulf

The Vomero district was created on a hill in 1800 and it is part of one of the most beautiful landscapes in the area of Neaples. Thanks to the feet that the district is on a hill, there you may … … gorgeous see view on green areas. As a matter of fact you sholud visit the gorgeous Villa Floridiana, which was given as a present from Ferdinando di Borbone to his wife Lucia Migliaccio, duchess of Floridia, which today hosts the “Museo della ceramica duca di Martina” exactly where the noblewoman used to live.

From piazza Vanvitelli, the central fulcrum of the district, it’s possible to use the escalator to arrive in via Morghen and then, at the end of this street, you will get to San Martino when you get at the top of the hill, there are two “must” you should visit the Castel Sant’Elmo and the Certosa di San Martino.

Castel Sant'Elmo
Castel Sant’Elmo

Castel Sant’Elmo represents one of the most significant examples of military architecture in 1500 and it was created according to a stellar map, which placed at each one of the castle corners six big cannons. Inside the castle you will find a church dedicated to Nostra Signora del Pilar; nowadays the castle is used to host cultural and social events, or to enjoy the splendid view from the terrace.

The Neapoletan Certosa dedicated to San Martino, bishop of Tours, was founded in 1325. In the Certosa it is possible to visit Pietro Bernini’s “Vergine con Bambino” and “San Giovannino” sculptures and the most important nativity scene art collection.

Castel Sant'Elmo
Castel Sant’Elmo

From largo san Martino there is one of the funniest way to go down the hill: … walking on via Pedamentina, a staircase composed by 414 steps, which takes you also to corso Vittorio Emanuele and ends in via Toledo, one of the most important and ancient streets of Neaples.

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  • 1 metro stop Piazza Vanvitelli station
  • Funicolare di Montesanto stop Via Morghen station
  • Funicolare Piazzetta Augusteo stop Piazzetta Fuga station