Walking Itineraries for Naples

Naples hills

Le colline di Napoli

  1. Visit Naples Posillipo hill

    Visit Naples: Posillipo hill


    The city of Naples is rich of headlands and small hills from which you can enjoy breathtaking. The most famous is the Posillipo Hill

  2. Visit Naples - Vomero hill

    Visit Naples: Vomero hill


    The Vomero district was created on a hill in 1800 and it is part of one of the most beautiful landscapes in the area of Neaples

  3. visit naples: Capodimonte

    Visit Naples: Capodimonte


    One of the hill of Naples, it is the place of the ancient recidence of royal family with its garden is one of the most important green area of Naples

The heart of Naples

Il centro Antico

  1. visit naples- napoli esoterica

    Visit Naples: Napoli Esoterica


    In Napoli there is the perfect coexistence between religion and superstition combined in a perfect union

  2. Visit Naples - Submerged Naples

    Visit Naples: Submerged Naples


    The architectual structure of Napolis shows the traces of each domination of the city from its foundation up to now. As a mattar a fact, 50 meters underground there is another old city, wich can tell us about the history of this amazing city.

  3. Visit Naples - unexpected Naples

    Visit Naples: unexpected Naples


    An unusual itinerary of the city : history , contemporany art and gastronomy

  4. Visit Naples - Spaccanapoli

    Visit Naples: Spaccanapoli


    Spaccanapoli goes through the heart of the old town

  5. Visit Naples: Naples Old Town


    The old greek-roman polis, is the real essence of Naples, divided in decumani it is the oldest district in Naples

The sea

Centro città e Lungomare

  1. Visit Naples - Il ventre di Napoli

    Visit Naples : Il ventre di Napoli


    Mercato district symbol of the Neapolitan revolution and old place of trade point

  2. Visit Naples - City Center

    Visit Naples: City Center


    The city center of Naples, enjoy some of the most important places of the city

  3. visit Naples: seaside

    Visit Naples: the seaside


    The greatest seaside of Italy served for you in a perfect walking mood. Visit Castel dell’Ovo, the borgo marinaro, Villa Pignatelli and the Villa Comunale.