Il centro Antico

  1. visit naples- napoli esoterica

    Visit Naples: Napoli Esoterica


    In Napoli there is the perfect coexistence between religion and superstition combined in a perfect union

  2. Visit Naples - Submerged Naples

    Visit Naples: Submerged Naples


    The architectual structure of Napolis shows the traces of each domination of the city from its foundation up to now. As a mattar a fact, 50 meters underground there is another old city, wich can tell us about the history of this amazing city.

  3. Visit Naples - unexpected Naples

    Visit Naples: unexpected Naples


    An unusual itinerary of the city : history , contemporany art and gastronomy

  4. Visit Naples - Spaccanapoli

    Visit Naples: Spaccanapoli


    Spaccanapoli goes through the heart of the old town

  5. Visit Naples: Naples Old Town


    The old greek-roman polis, is the real essence of Naples, divided in decumani it is the oldest district in Naples