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Street art tour: new step with Alice Pasquini

Fourth step of our Napoli street art tour: today we’ll take you on the footsteps of the world famous italian artist that left many works here, we are talking about Alice Pasquini. This time our itinerary will start from the underground station Line 1 of Toledo, considered one of the most beautiful underground station of Europe with the tiled roof. From the underground exit, we depart in the direction of Via Toledo finally getting in Piazza Carità, where we will find the face of a child imprited on a payphone cabin. Alice usually adoperates stencils, spray cans and brushes, and often portraying female faces on small areas or also on large facades.

street art tour

After the first work in Piazza Carità, we keep on going with our tour towards the historical centre, passing by the Santa Chiara monastery, where in Via Santa Chiara Alice Pasquini left one of the most significant works: painted on a tile located at the corner among the street and a little alley, there is a face of a woman with a child. 

street art tourOther female characters we’ll find are located in Via San Giovanni Pignatelli, a street full of street art pieces with Diego Miedo and many others, here on the side of a cabin a face of a desperate woman, painted in cool tones of green and blue,  is imprinted.

street art tour

Going down this road we will get to Largo San Giovanni Maggiore, where a small door on the left is another frame for a charming work of Alice, a woman in the act of holding a parrot.

street art tour


Leaving the square we find ourselves in Via Mezzocannone, one of the busiest streets of the city, given the numerous universities here: two doors of the University Federico II Alice gives us two works portraing little boys running and a woman.

street art tour

Before ending our street art tour we can do a little food and wine stop at Tandem, a restaurant where we can taste a delicious neapolitan ragù. After also enjoying a ragùe we head to Piazza del Gesù, and in particular, our attention will be in the direction of the Ska, an occupied laboratory by the city’s students, which facade was embellished with works by numerous street artists.

street art tour

Alice also left his signature in this place, with the face of a girl with glasses and her finger over his mouth as sign of silence.
See you for the next espisode of Naples Street Art Tour!

Events in Naples 18 to 24 of april

All of the events in Naples from 18 to 24 april.
The spring in Naples can be considered one of the magic moments to visit the place: fresh but not cold weather, the sun, a lot of life and naturally a lot of events! Take the first sunglasses you find and come with us, we’ll take you to the coolest events of Naples!

Let’s start with trekking. They’re exhausting but also satysfing! LiberEtà, non profit association specialized in formation, is organizing trekking tours with the title “Napoli Obliqua”. The excursions, which will be organized by a pro trekker guide, will take you to the most characteristic parts of the city of the Vesuvius, are set in these dates:

sunday 17 april 2016 – BLU WINDOWS “primavera, orizzonti, vulcani e giardini” – 7,6 km in the Mergellina zone, near the sea
sunday 1 may 2016 – VICOLI IN OMBRA, VICOLI CIECHI… “per spagnoli e miracoli” – 8 km in the Cavour square part
Prices are starting from 13€ and also different choices of more excursions can be bought. – for more informations please visit the official site of LiberEtà

For all the nerds who love comics, mangas, illustrations and visual arts, there is Comicon in Naples! It’s a yearly event, which will host many editors from all Italy for the occasion. There will be many cosplays, a lot of good deals for comica, and many VIP comic guests. This year also the cast from “The Walking Dead” is appearing!
Events in Naples

For more informations, check the official site of the Comicon Be sure to book your ticket fast because they will finish soon.

Por vos otros espanoles en la ciudad de Napoles en april, or for those of you who loves spanishg, but also for who is simply curious about it, at the Cervantes Institute in Naples (Via Nazario Sauro) there are free projections of movies in spanish! Here is the dates:

Monday 11 april at 17 “Loreak” of José Mari Goenagae Jon Garaño, Monday 18 april at 17, “Las ovejas no pierden el tren” of Álvaro Fernández-Armero Monday, 2 may at 17 “La isla mínima” of Alberto Rodríguez Monday 9 may at 17 “Doñana cuatro estaciones” of Javier Molina Lamothe

Buena vision y Buena Napoles!!

Napoli food: Fried Pizza in Piazza Plebiscito


Food on the spot fried pizza in naples
Impossible to resist!

In the Trieste e Trento square, you could find a little shop with the sign missing, it’s the one of zia Esterina, where extraordinary fried pizzas are made.
Usually you have to wait a while before eating, but I can surely affirm that it’s one of the best pizza in town.
This week’s proposal is to taste your fried pizza in Plebiscito square, on the church’s stairs, which are a good sit, just looking at random people passing, that will seem so small compared to the vastity of the place, it’s relaxing!

Pizzeria Zia Esterina Sorbillo
Pizzeria Zia Esterina Sorbillo

You need like ten minutes to get to the “spot”, but it’s good for the fried pizza to chill a while, otherwise you will not manage to taste it fully.

Price is fair, and the pizza is very big. It’s possible to order some variants, and personally I like a lot watching the fried pizza getting big in the frying oil.

And now for some history about Naples

Piazza Plebiscito is right in front of the Royal Palace, and there’s a funny story about the statues of the Kings standing from the Royal building, I’m not gonna tell it, but if it happens to you to know someone from Naples, just ask him, he’ll certainly know.

Piazza Plebiscito in the evening
Piazza Plebiscito in the evening

Another funny game Neapolitans do is to start from the extremity in front of the church, right in the middle, and with a bandage on the eyes, manage to get passing between the two equine statues. Legend says, that in the Queen Margherita di Savoia times, once in a month, a prisoner was put to the test with this almost impossible challenge, for the extreme big dimensions of Plebiscito Square.
“Plebiscito” name, which means plebiscite, popular referendum, comes from the festivities for the Sardinia joining the “Two Sicilies Kingdom”.

Along times, most recently, many art installations were held in the middle of the square, often they were enormous, and kinda odd, but you know, temporary art is difficult to understand.. expecially for me, that sometimes just walk by to discover what the artists made that day.

If you want read the italian version, click here.

Street art in Naples

First step

with Cyop e Kaf, Diego Miedo and Roxy in the Box

Street art in Naples : i quartieri Spagnoli

The first step of our walk around the neapolitan street art tour starts from exiting the underground of Dante Square. From Garibaldi Square, central station of Naples, it is possible take the Line number 1 of the underground, heading to Piscinola and getting off at the Dante stop. From here, our walking tour will take you to a discover of the popular heart of the city and the heart of the street art Made in Naples: we’re talking about the Spanish District (quarters) and the famous murales of the “Quore Spinato” (Spiked Heart) , a project by the neapolitan duo Cyop & Kaf.

street art
Cyop & KAf in Naples

The Montecalvario area, which is often mentioned as Quartieri Spagnoli is an intricated labyrinth made of dense buildings, small shops and “bassi” (the famous houses in Naples that are on the ground flor facing the street) and it is a few meters walk from the elegant shopping street of Via Toledo, and it is exactly here that from 2009 artists placed more than 200 works with futuristic figures on small shops, gates, garage and buildings that became the colored backgrounds of every corner of the neighborhood. And so in a very short time a popular neighborhood became an open-air museum, where every corner and every main door has a story to tell. The majority of the paintings, geometrical painted on doors of the buildings, are in blue or red, that’s because these are the colors representing the Spanish Quarters. Along these streets you can bump into people that decided to put their garage or door at the service of the artists, and they will gladly explain how after have seen the works by the writers in the quarter, couldn’t avoid asking to paint their door or shop as well.

street art napoli
Cyop & Kaf

And this is the real power of urban art: because with a little bit of fantasy it can be understood by everybody without having to learn the hard world of contemporary art. The Spanish Quarters street art is not only the worls by Cyop and Kaf but there are also many works of other artists such as Diego Miedo and Roxy in the Box with his Vascio Art. In 2015, the quarter was again chosen as the perfect location for the installation of dozens of works by Rosaria Bosso, called Roxy in the Box, with colorful posters of famous figures such as Frida Kahlo, Rita Levi Montalcini, Amy Winehouse, Artemide, Anna Magnani and many others. Our tour can only end in one of the most famous inns in the area: the “trattoria da Nennella”, where you can enjoy a delicious pasta with potatoes in a cheerful and absolutely folkloristic location.

street art Napoli
Roxy in The Box
street art napoli
Roxy in the Box

Backpack and camera in hand, the neapolitan street art is waiting to be immortalized!

If you want read the italian version, click here.

Station of Arts Naples

Meetings of 23 and 30 December, ideated for a great number of tourists will be about a visit to Naples, where they will see the award-winning Toledo Metro Station, oftern mentioned in the international press, as well as the winner of the ITA (International Tunnelling Awards 2015) – Oscar Great Public Works underground. Wednesday, On december 23, from Toledo to Montecalvario, the event will focus on the historical background of the city of Partenope, so about its history and its many conflicting aspects, everything told through the works of internationally renowned artists.
The proposed route for Wednesday, December 30, however, with the train to Toledo to the Town Hall, offers an opportunity to focus on urban archeology discoveries related to the recent excavations for the subway.
METROART TOUR will be an opportunity to discover contemporary art in an innovative way, throughout the narration of works of the artists around the city. The recent success during the visits organized in October, confirmed the quality of culture and the appreciation for the initiatives signed ANM.

Reservation required: on infoarte@anm.it, can be performed by 5.00 pm of the previous Monday, subject to availability. Email confirmation required.
Free participation; only ticket is required. Starting point is at the lobby of the station. Duration of each visit is about 90 minutes.

Stazioni dell'arte[:]

If you want read the italian version, click here.

Museums for free in Naples

Domenica al museo

every first sundy of month

Every first sunday of the month you get the chance to visit for free all of monuments, museums, galleries, archeological sites and gardens in Naples for the whole day thanks to #domenicalmuseo.


Get your backpack ready, your camera and visit the beauties of Naples

The list of point of interest :

Piazza del Plebiscito, 1 – Phone: 0815808111 081 400547 /848800288

Largo San Martino 5, – phone: 0039.081.2294541

Via Tito Angelini, 22 – phone: 0812294401/ 848800288

Largo San Martino 5,phone: 0039.081.2294541

Via Tito Angelini, 22 phone: 0039.081.2294401

Via Terracina – phone 0815529002 / 3488009273

Via Cimarosa, 77 / Via Aniello Falcone, 171 – phone: 0039.081.5788418

Via Cimarosa, 77 / via Aniello Falcone, 171 – phone: 0039.081.5788418

Piazza Museo Nazionale, 19 – phone: +39.081.4422149 ( Museum information point ); +39.081.4422111

Via Miano 2 – phone: 0817499111 – 081749915 – 848800288 park phone : 0817410080 0815808278

Salita della grotta, 20 – phone: 081669390

Riviera di Chiaia, 200 – phone: 0039.081.7612356 0039.081.669675

Riviera di Chiaia, 200 – phone -0039.081.76123560039.081.669675

If you are passionate of archeology don’t miss the chance to visit three of the most important and beautiful archeological sites in the whole world.

Archeological sites

Pompei, Ercolano, Castellammare di Stabia.
A lot of tourists visit the sites, so we suggest you to consult the website to get updates about information, schedule and reservations.

Non perdertevi #domenicalmuseo
Visit, shot and tag @travelnaples

If you want read the italian version, click here.

Art night in Naples

Art, Music and performances

At the historical center of Naples


Lacking very little for the Art Night in Naples , expected for December 12 and many are the events in the historical center of Naples that will be during the neapolitan white night. The theme of this year is the culture of the peace and the area interesting at the shows and all of the cultural events is from Duomo Street, pass by Decumani, Borgo Oregici, Toledo Street until Plebiscito Square, rather the historical center of Naples.

From the afternoon until late at night churches, museums, shops, workshops, schools and shops remain open with events, concerts and performances for tourists and citizens. Not only places indoors but square and historical galleries too, such as Galleria Principe ed Umberto, those will be the perfect location for a party dedicated to young people. The December 12 will also be a gastronomic event not to be missed: in Gesù Square there will be a preview of the second edition of the “Naples Strit Food Festival” with many varieties of dishes of street food and low cost. After a successful first year on the seafront in Naples, back street food Made in Naples: panzarotti, pizza a portafoglio, zeppole, fritturine and typical Neapolitan cakes as baba, sfogliatelle and much more.

From noon until late at night, in Gesù Square there will be sympathetic apecar of “Naples Strit Food Festival” by bicycle “BeerETTA” that will distribute draft beer fresh on the streets of the old town. All state museums will stay open until late at night, while in the main squares there will be street performers, live music and traveling shows from the afternoon of 12 December.
During the Night of Art in 2015, also by public transport will remain open throughout the duration of the event: in particular the 1 subway line.

Art Night 2015
12th December 2015
Naples Old Town.

Paradiso Pittorico at Rione Sanità

“Paradiso Pittorico”

Sanità district from 6 november to 29 jenuary

The Basilique of santa Maria della Sanità is one of the most famous and important architectures of Naples, it is a fundamental place of worship for citizens and is known among people for the name of St. Vincent, best known as “O ‘Munacone” because on the inside it holds the statue of the Saint Vincent Ferreri. It was built between 1602 and 1610 by the Dominican Fra Nuvolo, and it is still one of the finest examples of Baroque architecture in Naples. It’s characterized by a dome covered with yellow and green tiles, which make the basilique perfectly visible through the bridge of Health; the church was built in a neighborhood of the city center and it can be considered a true museum, since there are numerous paintings by Luca Giordano and Andrea Vaccaro: from the inside it leads, after a few steps, to the site of the San Gaudioso catacombs, one of the oldest cemeteries of the city, belonging to early Christian period. Within the walls of this charming place, you will have the chance to watch the evening show “Il Paradiso Pittorico”, a travelling representation made by a group of young and talented actors, who will tell the story of the place, as stories appear in the “Templo vast , amplo et beautiful. ” The event is managed and organized by “La Paranza”, composed by a group of youngies who decided to carry out activities dedicated to the appreciation of the area and began telling stories and traditions that belong to those places; the cooperative, in addition to managing since 2006 the catacombs of St. Gaudioso in the Basilica of Santa Maria della Sanità, is one of the stars in relation to the management and re-opening to the public of the catacombs of San Gennaro.The event takes place in the Basilica of St. Mary of Health from 6 November 2015 to 29 January 2016, at 20.00 of every Friday night, exclusively by reservation.

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The dinosaurs are back…


“Days of dinosaur”


Dinosaurs are back, and this time they do not intend to go away easily!
Since the 9th of October and until january, the “Real albergo dei Poveri” hosts the exhibition “Days of the Dinosaur”, an exposition that collects various dinosaurs replicas; these big jurassic monsters, almost as big as fascinating, are replicated at full scale and with high detail, so giving the event a realistic and satisfying look better than many others.
The exhibition, famous all over the world and already set up in 20 countries ( like Argentina and South Africa) will be held at the “Real Albergo dei Poveri”, which will become a real Mesozoic jungle, frame for scenarios as beatiful as suggestive that will give a reality touch to the atmosphere; in fact, visitors will get the chance to observe with a near look the habitat where dinosaurs lived, watching them at 360 degrees; moving life scenes, where it will be possible to learn their hunting practices, as well as their food, and also just to simply admire their majestic size.

Just be sure not to get too close to them, because animations of the dinosaurs will get not only kids open-mouthed… Many, obviously, will be the subject areas for kids they could enjoy: a 3d movies room, with the history of evolution, from the Big Bang until now, some drawing areas, whre it will be possible to put fantasy to good use with many games and activities, and in addition, a beautiful experience impersonating an archeologist searching for lost treasures, all this in the excavations zone.

Opening times: tuesday to thursday: 15.00-19.00 (tickets shop closes at 18.00), friday-saturday-sunday 10.00-19.00 (tickes shop closes at 18.00)
Full ticket is 13 eur. Children ticket is 10 eur (from 3 to 13 yrs). Open-ticket (without date) costs 12 eur. Families of 4 people (2 adults + 2 children) pay 40 eur. Families of 6 people (2 adults + 4 children) pay 54 eur.

If you read the italian version, click here.

Daniel Buren at Naples

Daniel Buren in Axer/Désaxer

Lavoro in situ 2015, Madre, Napoli

Museum Madre Naples 10 october-4 july 2016.

During the celebrations for the first 10 years of activities of the Madre Museum of Naples, on the 10th of october the second exibhition dedicated to the french artist Daniel Buren will be held. The Contemporany Art Museum of Naples will host for the period up to the 4th of july 2016 “Axer / Désaxer. Lavoro in situ, 2015, Madre, Napoli”. The world famous artist works will be for the second time in the neapolitan museum to show visitors the relationship between institutions and community, with an installation of architectural dimensions; from this the title “in situ”. Every visitor will participate actively in the life of the museum, through the spaces of perceptual and cognitive mobility with coloured surfaces and mirrors, standing at the center between the institutional sphere and the dynamic public.

Daniel Buren attended the Ecole des Métiers d’Art in Paris and he is one of the most popular contemporary artists in the world and from the ’80s until today he both produced works based on material from both white and colored tents. In 1986, he won the Gold Lion for the best National Pavillion at the Biennale of Venice and he is very emotionally attached to the city of Naples. Buren has left many works at the National Museum of Campodimonte, inside specific rooms dedicated to contemporany art.

The art exibhition will be curated by Andrea Viliani and Eugenio Viola and we gladly remember you that every monday the entrance for the “Madre” Museum is completely free.