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The Neapolitan Ragù

The Neapolitan Ragù

must pippiare

neapolitan ragù
Photo by Mariateresa Zanchiello

The neapolitan Ragù (proun. Ragoo) is certainly one of the fundamental dishes from Napoli’s cooking tradition.It is the typical dish to be eaten on Sunday. It isn’t simply “carne c’ ‘a pummarola” (meat & tomato sauce), like Neapolitan theatrical actor and director Eduardo de Filippo said the Ragù takes much time to be perfect…much time. It has to be cooked for many hours to reach that characteristic solidity and strong taste, it has to “pippiare” how the Neapolitans say. In fact, tradionally the Ragù is prepared during saturday night to be ready for the lunch of Sunday, with a slow heat in a pan of clay and with a wooden spoon.

the ragu’ today

But nowdays, in the lighter preparation, also four-five hours are sufficient. The fundamental ingredients of the Ragù are the concentrated and tomato puree, added in onions browned after softly frying them with extra-virgin oil. In Naples the Ragù has to be directly prepared with meat (entrecote, meat balls, stew), which is the perfect second course together with the macaroni pasta or a different type, as long as it is short and lined. If you taste the Ragù, forget the good manners, the “scarpetta” is a must, so tast last sauce in the dish with a piece of bread!

A simple dish but with an unique taste.

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