Alibus Busline linking the city center with the Capodichino Airport.
Ticket Price: 3 euros

Capodichino Airport
Via Arenaccia (in the surroundings of the Seat cars selling point)
P.zza Garibaldi (near hotel Cavour)
P.zza Municipio (Molo Beverello)
P.zza Nazionale (in the bus lane)

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Main bus lines

Tram 1
v. Stadera – Emiciclo Poggioreale – v. N. Poggioreale – p. Nazionale – p. Principe Umberto – p. Garibaldi – c. Garibaldi – v. Marina – Port – v. Marina – c. Garibaldi – p. Garibaldi – p. Principe Umberto – Ponte di Casanova – p. Nazionale – v. N. Poggioreale – Emiciclo Poggioreale – v. Stadera

p. Medaglie d’Oro (M1) – v. Menzinger – v. Suarez – v. G. Santacroce – v. Salvator Rosa – v. Pessina – p. Dante (M1) – v. Toledo – v. C. Battisti – v.Medina – p. Municipio – v. S. Carlo – p. Municipio – v. Medina – v. Monteoliveto – v. S. A. dei Lombardi-p. Dante (M1) – v. Costantinopoli – p.Museo – v. S. Rosa – v. Santacroce – v. Suarez – v. Menzinger – p. Medaglie d’Oro (M1).

p. Garibaldi – c. Umberto I – p. Bovio – v. Depretis – p. Municipio – v. San Carlo – p. Municipio – v. Medina – v. Sanfelice – p. Bovio – c. Umberto I – p. Garibaldi .

p. Garibaldi (MN1) – c. Garibaldi – v. Marina – v. Marchese Campodisola – v. Depretis – v. Acton (Molo Beverello) – v. Morelli – p. Vittoria – v.Caracciolo – v.le Dohrn – v. G. Bruno – v. delle Legioni – v. Augusto – p. Tecchio (MN2) – v. Giulio Cesare – v. Fuorigrotta – p. Sannazaro – v.le Dohrn – v. Caracciolo – v. Arcoleo – v. Acton (Molo Beverello) – v. C. Colombo –
v. Marina – c. Garibaldi – p. Garibaldi (MN1)

Capo Posillipo – discesa Coroglio – v. S. Strato – v. Posillipo – v. Caracciolo – v. Mergellina – p. Sannazaro – v. Caracciolo – v.le Dohrn – p. Vittoria – v. Arcoleo – v. Chiatamone – v. S. Lucia. – v. Morelli – p. Vittoria – v. Caracciolo – v.le Dohrn – Riviera di Chiaia – v. G. Bruno – v. Mergellina (Funicolare) – largo Sermoneta – v. Posillipo – v. S. Strato – Discesa Cordoglio – Capo Posillipo.

Mergellina – v. Orazio – v. Petrarca – v. Manzoni – v. Boccaccio – Discesa Coroglio – Capo Posillipo – Discesa Coroglio – v. Boccaccio – v. Pascoli – v. Padula – v. Petrarca – v. Orazio – Mergellina

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The “Circumvesuviana” is one of the train lines of the city, its name comes from the simple fact that it links the center of Naples with the Vesuvian Cities and neibourghoods
There are different lines: the ones along the seacoast that get to Sorrento, with many cultural and touristic interesting stops like Ercolano, Pompei and Castellamare di Stabia and lines that get to the Somma Mount, so to Nola, Baiano and the “Agro Nocerino-Sarnese”.
To get a “Circumvesuviana” it’s necessary to buy an EAV ticket.

Check timetables here
Circumvesuviana Timetables
Checking the ticket price
Circumvesuviana price ticket


Campania express

With the Campania express is possible to get, aboard a fast and comfortable train, to the costiera di Sorrento.
A latest generation fast train with air conditioning and bookable seats
Napoli – Ercolano – Pompei – Sorrento
Price for a ticket: 15 Euro Round Trip with the chance of hopping on and off along the trip

Info & Timetables
Campania Express timetables
Buy here your ticket
Buy online


Metropolitana (Tube)

With the line -1- of the metropolitana it’s possible to get to the major points of interest of the city of Naples

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdy, Thursday
First train starting from Piscinola at 6.00 a.m. and from Garibaldi at 6.20 a.m. Last train from Piscinola at 10.22 p.m. and from Garibaldi at 11.02 p.m.
Friday and Saturday
Last train from Piscinola at 00.48 and from Garibaldi at 1.32 a.m. During the month of august the extension of the timetables is not active
Ticket 1 euro
Valid for -one- trip on: autobus, filobus, tram, metropolitana linea 1 e funicolari.

Ticket 1,50 euro TIC
The ticket has a 90 mins duration starting from the It’s possible to take an unlimited trips on: bus, filobus and tram.- and just one trip on every one of these train lines:

– Metropolitana Linea 1
– Metropolitana Linea 2
– Funicolare di Chiaia
– Funicolare Centrale
– Funicolare Mergellina
– Funicolare Montesanto
– Cumana
– Circumflegrea
– Circumvesuviana
It’s not possible to use the same round trip tickets on a train line
The ticket needs to be validated every time that you get on a different mean of transport.

Metro 2
The line 2 of the Metropolitana links different zones of the city center, being linked to the Italian Train Service (which is Ferrovie dello Stato) it connects also places not in the Naples surroundings.

Ticket 1,20 euro

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Train line linking the Naples center with the “Flegrean” part.

Check timetables here
Cumana Timetables
Check here to know the ticket price
Cumana prices





The funicolare is one of the most appealing transport means, this links the center of Naples with the Vomero hill.
The main lines are three:
(Augusteo – Piazza Fuga e viceversa)Working and not working days: first starting at 06.30, last one at 00.30. Every 10 minutes.
Monday and tuesday: closing at 22.00.
Friday and saturday: closing at 2.00 a.m.
FUNICOLARE MONTESANTO (Montesanto – Morghen e viceversa)
Working and not-working days: from the 7.00 a.m to the 22.00. Every 10 minutes.
FUNICOLARE MERGELLINA (Mergellina – Manzoni e viceversa)
Working and not-working days: from the 7.00 a.m to the 22.00. Every 10 minutes.
1 euro
1,50 tic





To reach the islands of the Naples Gulf, it’s possible to take:
Ferries starting from Varco Pisacane in via Marina at the corner of via Duomo.
Fast Ferries (Aliscafo) from the seaport of Naples and of Mergellina

Batò musc
The “Batò Moscio” was inspired by the French “Bateau Mouche”, famous all over the world. It’s a ferry tour that starts at the Molo Mergellina, and takes you around the beauties of the Naples Gulf (famous all over the world as well…) It takes you around the Posillipo hill and to the Nisida Isle, then it passes in front of the Castel dell’ Ovo, giving you an unique and alternative point of view of the castle, that seen from the sea looks even more majestic. It finally returns to the Molo Mergellina to finish the tour. Booking is available at the address: or at the phone calling the 0814972238. It’s also possible to book your tour on the Alilauro site setting the departure dock as Mergellina and the arrival one as “Tour Costiero”. It takes an additional euro for the online booking, but it’s highly suggested because seats are taken fast. For informations about the prices please check the image, full ticket is 8,50 euro and PMR stand for People with Reduced Mobility.

Go to the Alilauro website


Bike Sharing


Register on the website, download the app and you’ll have the chance to use a bike free of charge for the first 30 minutes.

Take me to the Bike Sharing Naples website