Daniel Buren at Naples

Daniel Buren at Naples

Daniel Buren in Axer/Désaxer

Lavoro in situ 2015, Madre, Napoli

Museum Madre Naples 10 october-4 july 2016.

During the celebrations for the first 10 years of activities of the Madre Museum of Naples, on the 10th of october the second exibhition dedicated to the french artist Daniel Buren will be held. The Contemporany Art Museum of Naples will host for the period up to the 4th of july 2016 “Axer / Désaxer. Lavoro in situ, 2015, Madre, Napoli”. The world famous artist works will be for the second time in the neapolitan museum to show visitors the relationship between institutions and community, with an installation of architectural dimensions; from this the title “in situ”. Every visitor will participate actively in the life of the museum, through the spaces of perceptual and cognitive mobility with coloured surfaces and mirrors, standing at the center between the institutional sphere and the dynamic public.

Daniel Buren attended the Ecole des Métiers d’Art in Paris and he is one of the most popular contemporary artists in the world and from the ’80s until today he both produced works based on material from both white and colored tents. In 1986, he won the Gold Lion for the best National Pavillion at the Biennale of Venice and he is very emotionally attached to the city of Naples. Buren has left many works at the National Museum of Campodimonte, inside specific rooms dedicated to contemporany art.

The art exibhition will be curated by Andrea Viliani and Eugenio Viola and we gladly remember you that every monday the entrance for the “Madre” Museum is completely free.