Events in Naples from March 14 to 20

Events in Naples from March 14 to 20

What to do in Naples

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Events in Naples: What to do from March 14 to 21

All of events in the week from March 14 to 21


The spring is coming in Naples, and it’s full of events! Thanks to the initiative Settegiornisusette, from 1 March 2016 and for every Tuesday, you will have the opportunity to walk in Castel Sant’ Elmo in a new way, visiting the Piazza d’ Armi, the Bleachers and the walkways of the building; the ramparts, however,will be open seven days a week and will be the stage of many many events organized during the weekend. The first will be with Fernanda Capobianco, that will guide you on a walk on the ramparts of Sant’Elmo, (“Castel Sant’ Elmo says the city”) ; the second one, will be held by the artist Valerio Rocco Orlando, which will ask participants questions and their answer will be the main theme of his artwork.

With the spring arrive (finally!), many initiatives are here. On 19 and 20 March there is the return of Giornate di Primavera of FAI, event based on opening ‘900 extraordinary places, throughout Italy.

Numerous events will be organized in 380 Italian cities, and of course many visits will be organized and enriched by events in Naples and Campania. Places will be churches, castles, archives, historic buildings, beautiful natural lands and areas of archaeological sites, many of these cannot be visited during the year.

Beyond the spring, March this year is also the month of Easter holidays, particularly felt and celebrated in Naples. In fact from March 5 to April 3, the historic center of the city (and especially the Decumani), will host the Fiera di Pasqua 2016, a way to feel tradition and faith, rediscovering values to be remembered in our days. The message of this series of events in Naples is also for the people with disabilities, with the help of institutions and Municipality to find and eliminate architectural barriers. In a Fair featuring guided tours and demonstrations on how to make handcraft works, among the streets of San Gregorio Armeno, there is obviously, a tribute to the typical Neapolitan cuisine: a tour that will take you among little restaurants, pizzerias and traditional pastry shops present in the area.

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