What to do in Naples

What to do in Naples

“Carnival Edition”

Exhibition, tour and events

What to do in Naples from  1 to 7 February

For each of you Carnival tourists a little late. with still warm angel wings held in the left hand and a glass of sweet sanguinaccio in the other… Time to party! Backpack on and confettis in the pockets, because events of Carnival in Naples did not end yet.

It will be a special Carnival for children, the one organized by the “Museums of the Center” in Naples, from the 1st to February 9: it will be all in the sign of the natural sciences, and will be held between the Mineral Real Museo, the Zoological Museum, the Museum of Anthropology, the Museum of Paleonthology and the Museum of Physics, where children can have a good time with games in prehistoric style , wearing mineral and nice fossils mask.

On February the 5, in the Sanità district the traditional party of social carnival will entertain the whole quarter, and this year it will have as title “I mondi in tasca”; starting from Cavour square, getting right to the heart of the district, you can enjoy a splendid parade with wagons, colors and great music. The purpose of the initiative will be, also this year, to re-evaluate a district known for the numerous concerns, but which is certainly one of the most traditional and central of Naples, heart and fulcrum of the Neapolitan culture.
Now dear travellers, after having eaten so much delicious food in Naples, and after all the interesting initiatives in honour of the Mardi Gras, let’s give us a tone and continue to enjoy the richest culture in the city making a tour to the MANN (the National Archaeological Museum in Naples).

In the February 2016 program of the museum is present the “Incontri di archeologia”, an initiative of the duration of well six months, which it will allow whoever wants, to participate to cultural meetings, lectures, laboratories… and with free entry!
ATTENTION! Get ready and prepare the passports, we’re flying to Japan!

Ah, no… well.. it was a little mistake… it’s Japan that will arrive here in Naples: in fact from January the 29 to February the 5 “L’impero dei segni” will take place. Completely devoted to Japanese culture, including free meetings where you can participate at origami workshops, watch animation movies made in Japan or lose yourself among the manga comics.
Like every month, remember the initiative “La giornata del turismo accessibile” in Naples, every third weekend of the month: Saturday 20th February – on the traces of the Farnese Collection.
Good week!